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Rare and Antiquarian Books

Rare and Antiquarian Books


The term antiquarian, in general, refers to antiquities and collectible items usually considered old and rare, usually in reference to books, but is not limited to books. The word antiquarian could also be used to describe a person who collects rare books or other antique items.

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  • H. H. Maraja Sawai Paratp Sinha Deo (© B.T Shahasrabuddhe, 1910)
  • Ali, Syed Ameer (© Christophers London, 1946)
    In the following pages I have attempted to give the history of the evolution of Islam as a world-religion ; of its rapid spread and the remarkable hold it obtained over the conscience and minds of millions of people ...
  • Darling, Malcolm Lyall (© Oxford University Press, 1925)
    THIS is primarily a study of agricultural debt in the Punjab. But it is also something more, for debt, when as wide-spread as it is in this country, touches the whole of economic life, and to understand the causes ...
  • Cousens, Henry (© Oxford University Press, 1929)
  • Swynnerton, Charles (© Archibald constable & Co. Ltd, 1903)
    This volume are comprised the most important of the village talcs which I collected many years ago in the neighbourhood of Attock on the Upper Indus. They were the stories of the people, of the professional bards or ...
  • Latif, Syad Muhammad (©The Calcutta Central Press Company,Limited., 1891)
    In Th Pages of History there is Probably no story at once so -grand, So romantic, and so pregnant with Instruction as that of the British conquest of India and the progress of the British National In the East. What ...
  • Robertson, George S (© Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1899)
  • H, Dodwell (© Madras Government Press, 1917)

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